Meet Florence: Conscious Leadership & Transpersonal Coach

My vision for Immerge was inspired by my own journey of self-discovery. The name “Immerge” literally translates to “diving into or immersing oneself,” a fitting metaphor for the growth and evolution I envisioned for myself and the world.

My journey began with a desire to explore who I was beyond my definitions of success and the masks I wore throughout my career, which had led to burnout and a sense of disconnection.

Witnessing friends and colleagues struggling to find balance, often operating from disintegrated parts of themselves, also inspired my deep dive into personal development and self-mastery exploration. 

Redefining Success Through Alignment and Self-Mastery

Externally, my life seemed admirable. I had defied many odds after moving to the United States alone, and gone on to graduate with a Master’s from Columbia University, a milestone I remain incredibly proud of , and built a successful career as a corporate communications strategist and consultant across Africa, Europe, and North America. But over time, I craved more than just professional success.

I was always curious about how the mind works and its relation to our highest potential. I felt disconnected from my true self, operating from a place that wasn’t aligned with an  my innate potential that I felt deep within me. Something kept screaming at me to dig for more and to bring what I discovered through that alignment into every aspect of my life and to those around me.


As I delved into self-mastery, healing, and alignment, It had become clearer that many people around me struggled with similar issues that had let me to this work—lack of balance, feeling lost and disconnected from their potential, and navigating racial and cultural nuances. These were the same struggles I faced, inspiring my deep spiritual work. I recognized that what I needed was also what many others needed.

These realizations ignited my passion for coaching and mentoring. My journey of personal development had also shifted my priorities around leadership and I had started to envision a new breed of leaders who valued consciousness and reflected it in how they treated their employees and built their companies. After over 12 years of deep self-exploration and personal development work, stepping fully into this work was the only thing left to do.  

Power and Presence through personal development

Naturally, I began my coaching work by supporting the groups I most identified with—women and people of color in corporate spaces, whether they were just starting out or struggling with identity issues. I consulted with companies like Twitter and Facebook, guiding professionals of color on how to navigate spaces that didn’t seem designed for them. I dedicated myself to reminding people of their power and helping them stay grounded amidst their daily struggles.


I continue to guide leaders at all levels to inner self-exploration and the realization that our world needs powerful individuals grounded in self-mastery to move others forward. Through Immerge, I foster a nurturing environment for personal growth and transformation, building a supportive community for these journeys. My multifaceted approach provides practical tools to navigate life from an empowered place. I’m dedicated to illuminating a path driven by purpose for everyone I encounter and to be a vessel for the elevation and expansion of human consciousness and potential. I am a certified Transpersonal/Psychospiritual coach, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and I hold a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications, that I now leverage when I work with leaders to build and re-build brands rooted in consciousness .