Work with me

Private one on one coaching for the discerning leader who is looking to balance and elevate.  

As the world experiences numerous turnings, we are being challenged to a new kind of leader. This challenge calls for a leader who is balanced in mind, body, and spirit. My guidance is focused whole person approach to support your every need with a goal to create balance and show up in the world from a more grounded place.

Individual Coaching Offer

A three-month deep dive committed to empowering and upgrading seasoned leaders into re-alignment with purpose  and visionary leadership for the future

Conscious Brand Strategies

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This framework considers both science and spirituality. We focus on self-awareness, cultivating empathy, presence and deep consciousness.  My deepest passion is to support resilient leaders who find themselves engulfed in the struggle to maintain their essence amidst competing demands. I   acknowledge the importance of nurturing balance and realigning with your authentic core and I am dedicated to ushering you towards a path of liberation, shedding the layers of limitation to reveal a more integrated self.

To be the kind of leader that creates solutions our world needs today,  it requires our mind, body and spirit to meet us there. Giving everything to the brink of breakdown isn’t sustainable anymore. You need balance. You need to be healthy and well. The very foundations of what we do is rooted in the recognition that the next leader is seeking to lead from a more grounded place yet struggles to find balance.  We know how to support you in creating a holistic and all ecompassing lifestyle that would serve you.  Our guidance and mentorship style is collaborative, reflective and effective.